Yay! Show day! Let’s get ready.

  • Put away items you don’t want out for the show (laptops, personal items, breakables etc.)

  • Clean bathroom(s), stock up on toilet paper, tidy up

  • Gather all the supplies needed (food, disposable dishes, rented equipment etc.) on the day before or morning of the show

  • Print guest list or have it ready on a mobile phone/tablet/laptop for the door - use our door sales link for any last minute ticket purchases 

  • Establish access points - what door guests will come in, where they can put their coats, access to washroom, etc. Signage helps, or verbally letting them know where things are when they come in the door

  • Set up performance space - think about lighting, access to a power source/power bar, consider if the Artist requires seating and/or table for safe place to put drinks (more guidance on setting up your space here)

  • Sound equipment setup, if necessary - great if you can get it setup before the artist arrives for soundcheck and test to make sure it’s working properly

  • If you have a space for merchandise to be sold, it’s helpful to have markers/paper for signage and if you have a float to loan (smaller bills/coins), that’s bonus

  • If you have a ‘green room’ (a private space for the Artist to put their personal items and prepare before the show), it’s helpful to put some water and snacks there so they don’t have to bother you when guests begin arriving. It’s also valuable to allow them access to a bathroom where they can freshen up before the show.

  • You may want to have a mailing list signup at the merch table for guests if you’d like to offer them a way to stay in touch about shows you’re hosting

  • Signage outside to indicate the guests have arrived in the right place. If you don’t want to be too showy about this, you can do something as simple as putting balloons out.

  • Have someone assigned to manage the door/guest list. It’s often helpful to designate just one entrance for this purpose. Welcome each guest by confirming they’re in the right place for the show, asking for their name and checking them off. If they have a plus one and the name is not listed, ensure the plus one is either with the named guest or identifies the correct person when they arrive separately.

  • The person assigned to the door should also be given instructions on how to manage people who a) are not on the guest list and do not have a receipt of their ticket or b) guests who are not fit to enter the venue (intoxicated, belligerent, unsafe). A simple protocol will ensure everyone is prepared. 

  • This can include: someone to offer them a taxi home, a place outside the home to remove the person from the rest of the group and (as a last resort), calling for emergency support.

  • If you are accepting cash door sales, use the door sales link provided and purchase as you receive the cash. It’s helpful to also collect their name/email so we can follow up with them and get their feedback from the show and ensure a level of safety. Please ensure this procedure is followed to keep ticket sales transparent and accountable.

  • If you want to make a formal announcement/introduction at the top of the show to welcome your guests, quickly check with the Artist first so you can offer accurate, relevant information to your audience when introducing the performance. This may include their bio, whether they have a new album, and/or whether the Artist wants to allow photography/recordings of the performance. You will also want to offer some housekeeping details to the guests such as where the washrooms are, if there will be a break between sets, and encourage them to be a listening audience and enjoy the performance.

Have an amazing show and thanks for all your hard work! 

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