There are a variety of ways to promote an Online Show! Your Approach may change depending on where you live, if your show is public or private, where your audience/fans are located, and how many tickets you need to sell to achieve a Sold Out Online Show.

Promoting an Online Show and getting folks to tune into your stream is definitely a challenging aspect of putting on an Online Show—even professionals in the industry have trouble. The more you promote the more you will figure out what works best for you and your community.

Some general tips for Online Show promotion:


  • The sooner you start the promotion, the better! People will have time to clear their calendars and make plans to tune in. As soon as the show is booked & tickets are available on Side Door, share and post on any social channels you may have.

  • For Online Shows we recommend announcing, at least, 1 week before the show. The announcement should include all relevant details about the Online Show as well as a ticket link.

  • A suggested method for Online Show promotion would be:

Word of Mouth

  • Directly inviting fans, family & friends you know personally. Make a list of who you want to contact and reach out to send them the show details and ticket link.

  • Don’t be shy to follow up with folks you have reached out to as well—polite reminders after a few days are often appreciated. People are busy!

Social Media

  • Side Door suggests that you create a Facebook Event Page that includes show details, the ticket link, and your artist photo. If you have someone co-hosting your show, you can add their Facebook page to the event, to help moderate.

  • Share the event at least 3 times leading up to the show. You can post in the Show page links to your music, videos, photos, any album release and/or tour news, etc.

  • Be sure to use hashtags and/or tag people in your posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to increase post visibility.

  • Paid promotions also have many forms. The one that will matter the most is geo-targeted social media ads which you can purchase through Facebook Ads Manager. If you’re not sure how to create a Facebook ad, please explore Facebook’s social media advertising help centre.

  • Other forms of paid promotion are entirely up to you - some hosts choose to print out posters and flyers or pay for sponsored ads online
    (through Kijiji/Craigslist/Reddit/etc).

  • Send invites through social media—direct invites work better than mass mail!

Be a Member of the Community

  • As you probably already know, a great way to ensure that people tune in to your Online Shows would be to go to other people’s Online Shows! It makes all the difference in the success of your project to participate in the overall hustle & bustle of your community, whether that means tuning in to other people’s Online Shows, helping spread the word about other artists’ Online Shows through your social channels, gifting tickets to friends you think might enjoy another artist's Online Show.


  • Compile a mailing list. You can share a sign-up form with everyone attending an Online Show, then send a message to those folks when you are ready to announce your next Online Show.

  • Find local event-listing calendars and send details.

  • Flyers in your neighbors’ mailboxes, on lamp posts, community bulletin boards, etc.

  • Contact a local community radio station.

If you have any tips or stories about how the promotion of Online Shows has worked for you, please get in touch with us!

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