‘Doors’ is the term used to describe the point of entry to your show and how guests/ticket holders check-in. The single most important piece of advice for running doors: have a door person! As the Host you may be floating around greeting guests, assisting artists, preparing snacks, etc., so it’s always good to have a dedicated door person. Ask someone you trust to help in this capacity.

Accessing Your Guestlist

To find your Guestlist:

  • Log into your Side Door account here

  • Click on the Side Door logo in the top left of the screen and select Ticketing

  • Find your show under Your Shows and click Manage

  • Click on Guestlist Manager in the top right of your Overview tab

How Do I Check in Guests?

Guests can either be checked in by name or QR code:

Check in Guests by Name

Once in the Guestlist Manager, hit the + sign next to an individual’s name to check them in directly on the site. Alternatively, you can press Print Guestlist at the bottom of your guestlist if you’d prefer to cross off names manually as guests arrive.

Check in Guests by QR Code

Ticket buyers will receive a QR code with their ticket. After logging into Side Door, this will show up for audience members under Your Tickets, as well as in ticket redemption emails. Press Open Ticket Scanner from the Guestlist Manager to check them in by QR Code (more on that here).

How to run doors:

  1. Set up a welcome table and/or station at the door where you would like guests to arrive. On this table you can include Artist’s merchandise, your mailing list sign up sheet, a poster, some flowers, etc.

  2. Have someone you trust to help you at the door!

  3. Have a laptop/tablet/mobile phone and log into your Side Door account. Pull up the guest list associated with the show. If you would rather use paper, you can print the guest list ahead of time. If you’re planning on checking guests in by QR code, it is recommended that you have a mobile phone or tablet handy. This will make it easier to scan guests’ QR Codes.

  4. As people arrive, guests who have already purchased tickets in advance will be listed in the guest list by name - they can be checked off in the system (or on your sheet).

  5. Guests need to have an audience account on the Side Door platform to purchase a ticket electronically at the door. If guests wish to purchase with cash at the door, collect the cash for the ticket at the same price as advertised online (or slightly more, if the Artist agrees - this encourages advance sales).

  6. If a guest doesn’t have an account and wants to purchase electronically, please direct them to the website. They can hover over Join in the top right and press Watch to create an account. It is easy, quick and free!

  7. Make note of how many cash tickets you sell.

  8. Use the Buy Tickets link in the Guestlist Manager for the buy-back option. You can use this feature to purchase the same amount of tickets through the system that you sold for cash at the door. You can buy back each ticket one at a time as people arrive, or keep track on a separate sheet and do a bulk purchase when things are less busy. Keep the cash, it is yours to pay you back for purchasing the equivalent tickets electronically.

  9. In the Guestlist Manager the Buy Ticket QR button will bring up a QR code for people who want to buy a ticket right from their phone (this is different from the QR code guests receive in advance of the show). Have folks scan the QR code with their devices to pay automatically via Apple/Android Pay, or have them input their card information into the link to pay direct. (Not sure how to scan a QR code? More info here!)

After the show, if you haven’t already purchased tickets for any guests who paid cash at the door, be sure to do so as soon as possible! Forgetting to buy back cash sales can delay payment to you and the Artist.

*An important piece of information to keep in mind: If the Artist is receiving their cut directly through Side Door, don’t give any cash sales to them after the show. Side Door automatically pays out Hosts and Artists after each show, and also collects and shares sales data with Artists to help with tracking, leveraging managers and labels, determining ticket metrics, remitting appropriate taxes, collecting performance royalties, and more. Giving cash to the Artist causes the payout to be incorrect, reduces numbers for the artist’s performance royalties, as well as nullifies any sales information collected on behalf of the Artist!

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