Rule of thumb - permissions! Please ensure you know whether the Artist permits photography and/or videography during or after the show. This includes smartphones and/or mobile devices. Please chat about it in the show planning thread to determine whether the Artist welcomes photography/videography or not. Some Artists will not want their set recorded at all, while others will be okay with recording at certain points in the set. Everyone is different. Artists often use smaller shows such as house concerts to test out new material with a friendlier audience, or simply like to keep themselves offline. It’s incredibly important to honour those wishes! The best way to make that clear is to put up a sign or two in visible places (i.e. at the door, at the stage area) and make a short announcement before the show. Another thing to keep in mind: even if photos and videos are welcome, you may want to ask your audience to turn off their flash/device audio to avoid disrupting the performance. 

If the Artist is ok with photo/video and you choose to share the magic of the show on your social platforms, be sure to tag Side Door! 

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