Each Artist states whether their performance requires a PA in their profile. Hosts mention whether they have a PA or have access to a PA in their profile. Each show offer must reflect the details of the PA based on the needs/preferences for the show in question. The status of the PA should be decided before finalizing the show offer. 

PA stands for “powered amplifier” and is the equipment that includes speakers, speaker stands, a mixing board, monitors (optional) and the necessary cables to connect everything. Some Artists may travel with their own PA - this happens more often when the Artist is driving to/from home, or if they’ve planned out an extensive tour and are renting their equipment from another community. Other Artists may expect the Hosts to provide a PA if they’re not already travelling with one, but that should be spelled out clearly in the show offer or subsequent conversation. 

If the Artist requires a PA and the Host doesn’t have one, renting or borrowing equipment is typically the best way to go. Many musical instrument stores (Long & McQuade, Guitar Centre, etc.) offer reasonable daily rates. Many of these establishments will also offer a demo on the equipment so be sure to ask if you are new to setting up a PA. The process and costs of renting equipment falls on the responsibility of the Host and Artist to negotiate - Side Door doesn’t get involved (although we are currently working on partner rates with national providers - more to come.)

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