Offering food and drink to Guests and Artists is not required but it is a nice touch, and is part of the beauty of hosting a show in your own space. Guests are always appreciative of having something to munch and sip on. If you’re worried about messes/loud eaters you may want to serve the food in a different room than the stage area or choose simpler snacks. You could offer things for free or by donation. One important thing to keep in mind, though - if you have food and/or drink containing common allergens (nuts, seafood, etc.), you may want to consider putting up a note or serving it another time, just to be safe.

As far as alcohol is concerned, that’s really up to you as the Host. Side Door does not condone the sale or consumption of controlled substances in unlicensed venues, and cannot advertise/support such activities by any means. Additional licensing for liquor service/sales is the responsibility of the Host and/or Artist to facilitate. Please keep in mind that by law, even if somebody brings their own drinks, their well-being and safety is partially the responsibility of whoever allows the consumption of alcohol on their premises. So, if you’d like to serve or allow BYOB (bring your own beverage), it’s important to remind guests to drink responsibly and keep an eye out for any overindulgent guests. Be mindful of drunken or inappropriate behaviour. Asking somebody politely to slow down, or calling a taxi for someone who has had a bit too much are proactive steps that a host can take to ensure everyone’s safety. To be clear, Side Door does not condone or encourage BYOB at these events. It is entirely at your own risk.

In terms of selling alcohol, Side Door can only advertise alcohol sales if the host has a valid liquor license that covers that particular event. In terms of revenue from the bar, it would be considerate to discuss this with the Artist ahead of time.

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