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How do I host a show outside?
How do I host a show outside?
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We love outdoor shows! There’s nothing like enjoying live entertainment in the open air. Whether you have the show indoors or outdoors is completely up to you, but there are definitely a few things to consider:

  • Work closely with the Artist to have a rain plan. What would you do if the weather calls for thunderstorms? Keep the show going, or haul it inside? Did you sell tickets assuming the show would be in your spacious backyard, and now have too many folks to bring inside? Make some decisions from the get-go!

  • What is your neighbourhood’s noise by-law? Will you be more likely to receive complaints having Artists play in the open air rather than muffled through walls?

  • Are your neighbors ok with an outdoor show? Do you share a backyard that they were planning to use the same day, or do they have outdoor pets that’ll be disturbed by a large group of people? Can folks in your yard look right into their bedroom window?

  • Is your outdoor space less accessible than indoors? Are people more likely to be able to just show up, or will guests with mobility concerns have a harder time getting around?

  • Do you have adequate electricity hook-ups, or will Artists need to adjust? What are your lightning options for when the sun sets?

  • Confirm with the Artist and/or specify in your Space description whether you host shows exclusively inside or outside, or both!

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