As of January 2021, Side Door implemented a new billing system that uses Hyperwallet. All profiles using the old billing system will need to set a new Hyperwallet account.

You must be signed in to your Side Door account. Select the Home tab at the top left of your screen, click Account Settings, and click Manage Payment and Billing Info. Or, click here.

If you need to access your old billing account, you can do so from the top of the page by clicking Manage old billing accounts.

You can add a new Hyperwallet account by clicking +Add Account. When creating a new Hyperwallet account, you will be prompted to select a country and enter your billing address and personal information.

Please note: If you are creating billing information on the behalf of an organization, the personal information of a legally responsible individual associated with that organization must be provided in the Personal Information section.

If you are planning on collecting tax, you can toggle the feature on. You will be prompted to enter the tax/HST ID number of your organization and the type of organization the Hyperwallet will be created for. Do not use the option if you do not have a tax/HST ID number.

The next step will be to select your Transfer Method. The transfer method instruction is used to transfer the money from the Hyperwallet account to the deposit account of choice after a show’s completion.

You can select two different Transfer Methods:

  1. PayPal - You will be asked to enter the email address you use for your PayPal account. Note: a PayPal account can only be associated with one single Side Door User Account.

  2. Bank Account - You will need your Bank Code, Transit Number, and Account Number.

Once you have created a Hyperwallet account, you will need to assign your Artist/Host/Presenter Profile to that Hyperwallet account in order to enable ticket sales and payouts for shows involving that Profile. You can have multiple Hyperwallet accounts assigned to different Profiles or one Hyperwallet account assigned to all of your Profiles.

Please note: only the User Account of the individual that initially created an Artist/Host/Presenter Profile is able to assign a Hyperwallet account to it and enable ticket sales. If you were invited to manage a Profile, you will not be able to add billing info and enable sales on that Profile’s behalf. To proceed, please contact the creator of the Profile or reach out to Side Door Support.

If you need to edit your Hyperwallet Account after it has been created, including the option to include a label to help keep track of multiple accounts, click the Edit button next to the entry’s listing under Billing & Payment Info to make adjustments.

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