Sign in to your user account. If you have not yet created a Side Door account go back and create one.

Once you are signed in to your account, click on the circle in the top right corner (it will display your profile image/initials) to display a drop-down menu.

Under your account name, click “Manage”.

A new page will appear with your account details.

To manage your notification preferences, click on ‘Manage Notifications’ and proceed to adjust based on your desires! You may change these preferences at any point.

For push notifications to work, you will need to grant permissions through your web browser. Be sure to click allow to receive push notifications from Side Door - you can always return to your notification preference page to tweak which notifications you receive!

If you accidentally clicked ‘Block’, you can revert your decision - please follow instructions linked below for your web browser!

Google Chrome desktop

Mozilla Firefox desktop

Google Chrome Android

Mozilla Firefox Android

Similarly, the setting is located here on Brave :

Mobile push notifications are not currently available on iOS or Safari. Coming soon!

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