When a Host or Artist reaches out to connect with you, you’ll see it appear under your Connect Tab within the Incoming Requests. When you click on this notification, you’ll receive the option to “accept” the connection or dismiss it by clicking on the “X”.

Whenever a user completes a connection with an Artist or Space from the search screen, that profile will display a green “Added to Connections” state.

Whenever a user clicks “Connect” to indicate interest in another user (Artist or Space), the user on the receiving end is notified of the request. The receiving user then has the opportunity to either reciprocate the interest or dismiss the request. Reciprocating interest will initiate a connection and a chat thread, which can then progress to the booking process. If a request is dismissed from the connection notification page, both users will see a record of that decision under the associated profile.

Once the connection is established, you may chat and plan with the other user by going to “My Connections” and “Chat Now” from the connection you wish to chat with, or by clicking on the “Chat” tab and sending a message.

Happy show planning!

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