Whenever a user completes a connection request by clicking ‘Message’ or dismisses the potential profile with ‘X’ on an Artist or Venue from the search screen, that profile will disappear. Clicking ‘X’ will remove that profile from any search screens for a minimum of two months. Whenever a user clicks ‘Message’ to indicate interest in another user (Artist or Venue), the user on the receiving end is notified of the request. The receiving user then has the opportunity to either reciprocate the interest or dismiss the request. If a request is dismissed from the match notification page, both users will not see each other’s profiles in any search screens for a minimum of two months. Reciprocating interest will initiate a connection and a chat thread, which can then progress to the booking process.

Users are never notified if another user has dismissed their match request, or clicked ‘X’ on their profile in a search page. Notifications are only ever sent to indicate a user’s interest. Users are not able to monitor if another user has viewed or responded to a match request. Users are not able to view a collective list of profiles liked/disliked.

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