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Managing Ticket Sales and Audience Manager
Managing Ticket Sales and Audience Manager
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Every show that is ticketed through Side Door has a ShowOverview page where you can easily check ticket sales, view or share your show, and manage all of your guest information in the Audience Manager.

  • Log in to your Side Door Account

  • Select the profile associated with the show in question from the settings menu located at the bottom left of the platform

  • Click on the Shows tab on the menu on the left to choose the show you would like to manage.

The Audience Manager is where you can add to your complimentary guest list, email ticket holders, add affiliate links to track your marketing, scan tickets to check in guests and even sell tickets at the door.

Adding guests to the Audience Manager:

  • To add a guest in your Audience Manager click Add Guest

  • A new window will open and you can add the guest’s name, e-mail address and quantity of tickets.

Show day:

There are a few options to check in guests on show day:

  • Manually check in guests by toggling the + sign next to their name.

  • Click the menu at the top right to find a printable PDF of your guest list.

  • Scan the QR code of your guest’s tickets from your mobile device’s camera.

E-mailing ticket holders:

When a guest purchases a ticket, they can opt-in to share their email address with the Artist and Host. Any guest who has opted into this feature will have their name and email address made available to you in the Audience Manager of your show.

For the sake of privacy, Side Door does not share the contact information of guests without their consent. If a guest has not consented to share their email address, only their names will appear on the guest list, for easy check-in.

*We recommend using the Email Ticketholders button when you have pertinent information to share about your show, introduce fans to your mailing-list, etc.

We ask that you use this feature sparingly to minimize spam. Recipients will not be able to respond to these emails, so please provide them with an email address if you’d like them to respond to you.

If you’d like to use this function after the show has concluded, please contact your designated support staff member.

Audience Manager, Post-show:

When the show is complete, a show settlement PDF can be downloaded. The PDF includes a more elaborate breakdown of sales and the performance of any affiliate links. You can also export the PDF from your Show Overview page once the show is complete.

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