You can check ticket sales at any time after a show has been published.

  • Log in to your Side Door Account

  • Select the profile associated with the show in question from the dropdown menu located in the top right corner of the platform

  • Click on Manage at the top left of the platform

  • Click on the Shows tab within the menu banner that appears

  • In the Shows tab click on the show that you are checking ticket sales for.

Each booked show will have an Overview tab. Click Overview to pull up the Show Details, and listed below will be Ticket Sales & Revenue Breakdown.

Scroll down to view the payout breakdowns and revenue split. Hover/Click on the ‘?’ icons to reveal a detailed breakdown of any calculated expenses, such as PROs (Performing Rights Organizations) or payment processing fees (Stripe).

When the show is complete, a show settlement PDF can be downloaded. The PDF includes a more elaborate breakdown of sales; including ticket type, geographic location of your audiences, and the performance of any affiliate links. You can also export the PDF from your Overview tab once the show is complete.

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