Side Door collects SOCAN fees for each Side Door show, and submits the fees to SOCAN on behalf of Hosts and Artists involved with the show. Side Door collects the standard SOCAN percentage (3%) from the show’s total revenue. This is reflected in the settlement.

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) is a Canadian performance rights organization that represents the performing rights of more than 135,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers. Live performance royalties must be collected in the case of a live performance event that includes ticket sales with admission prices over $6 CAD. Entandem is the organization that manages licensees on behalf of SOCAN.

SOCAN fees are only applied in the case of Side Door shows when a Canadian Artist and/or Host are involved in a show that involves ticket sales.

If you are a Host already registered with SOCAN, you don’t need to worry about reporting any Side Door shows! Side Door’s agreement with SOCAN covers all Side Door shows, including those with SOCAN-registered Venues - that means you do not need to claim any shows with Side Door in your filings.

As a host of live art and music, there may come a time when SOCAN or Entandem (who is managing their licensees), will reach out to you and ask you to obtain a license. With the shows you book through Side Door, you are NOT required to get a SOCAN license.

Side Door covers all SOCAN licence fees on behalf of ALL hosts for any show completed with Side Door, as is stated in all settlement sheets. That means hosts who DO hold a SOCAN licence do not need to claim these Side Door shows in their annual reporting to SOCAN.

For any show done *outside of Side Door*, hosts are responsible to acquire and pay for a SOCAN licence to ensure live performance royalties are paid to artists.

If you'd like to learn more about SOCAN, you can check that out here: 

Please note that we do NOT manage fee collection for performance royalties at this time for non-Canadian artists. We are actively working on integrating this in the near future.

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