In order to begin chatting with a user to book a show, you must match with them first! Click here to learn more about matching.

To initiate a booking thread and start setting up the details of your show, click on either the Plan a Show button on the Shows page or the Start planning this show! button with the profile in your Connections page that you’d like to work with. Be sure to select the In-person option for a physical show! Once you’ve created the thread, it will appear in the Shows page (there’s also a chance the other party will have already started the show thread, in which case a message will be sent to the Connections chat and a thread will already be present in the Shows page).

The Shows page lists all of the shows you’re currently working on as individual cards at the right of the screen. Each show thread is a potential show, waiting for Artist and Venue to collaborate on and finalize! Click the Manage button to work on a pre-existing show thread, or hit Plan a Show to start a new one. To speak directly with the other user, use the chat box on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also send images using the chat box, and call for Side Door staff’s attention using the chat button at the bottom right.

The center panel of each show thread contains all of the logistical/promotional details of the show, ready for you and your match to collaborate on! There are a few tabs at the top of the screen: Basics, Ticketing, Details, and Sign Off. Each tab contains information related to those logistical/promotional deets. Everybody gets a chance to modify/approve details every step of the way, and a final sign-off at the end is what gets things set in stone and creates an official booking!


This is where you choose the potential show’s chosen date and start time! From there, the suggested load-in and doors are automatically calculated and displayed. You can also edit any individual detail by clicking on the field, if you’d like to adjust the automatic suggestion. When you’re happy, select Save & Continue to indicate to your match that you’d like them to review and suggest changes or modify your choices - you’ll be able to move on to other sections in the meantime, but cannot finalize the show without their approval of your inputs!

Saving a tab’s details sends them to the other party for approval. If you’d like to make a change, click Edit to tweak what you’ve entered and send that information to the other user again. You can track the progress of the show’s requests, modifications, and approvals in the chat box to the right of the page!

If the other party is the one who has suggested details to you, you will see their proposed entries in the middle of the screen. You will then have the option to change the details and send them back to the other party for confirmation if there’s anything you don’t agree with. If you’d like to make adjustments, click Edit. If you’re happy with what you see, no action is required - that saved detail will remain. A completed tab will have a green title text, and when all tabs are green the Sign Off will become available and the show can be confirmed and booked!


This is where you choose the show’s cost of entry, capacity, age gate, profit split, and more! The capacity is automatically pulled from the Venue profile, whereas all other options are set at Side Door’s default - but feel free to edit away! By default tickets automatically go on sale as soon as a show is finalized, but if you’d like some buffer time between confirming and promoting you can adjust the announce date by clicking on Select a date. A live breakdown of the potential Show Split is shown at the bottom of the screen as you edit. When you’re happy, select Save & Continue to send it to your match for review.


And here goes...everything else! The promo photo you’d like to use, show description, PA description, parking info, indoor/outdoor choice, and plenty more options relevant to the show go here! Much of the information is automatically pulled from the Venue and Artist profiles, but be sure to review to make sure that the details are correct and that your match approves. Don’t forget to click Save & Continue to finalize your decisions and display them to the user on the other end!

A few things worth expanding on:

  • Side Door’s public-facing promo image display is set to 1600 x 900 - your photos will show up best in those photo dimensions, or with a 16:9 photo ratio!

  • The Show description is shown to all prospective customers, whereas the Message to guests is only shown to ticket holders - the latter is a great way to share a message with only your attendees, whereas the former is for everyone to see!

  • The Custom link for ticket holders is only shown to ticket holders, and is a great opportunity to lead folks to an additional page post-purchase - maybe to a sneak peek of an upcoming release, a donation page, or a merch page with discounted bundles for ticket buyers!

Sign Off:

Many of the show’s details are presented on this page in a final preview of what the show will look like to ticket buyers (for a complete view of what the audience will see on your ticket link, click Preview Show at the top of the screen)! Take a moment to review all of the details, and when you’re happy with how everything looks sign off in the signature box at the bottom of the screen to indicate your final approval. If there are any details you’d like to adjust, click on the appropriate tab to return to that step in the booking process and make changes before signing off.

A sign off indicates final confirmation of a show’s details, but doesn’t lock you in to future adjustments! If somebody changes any details on a show after the other party signs off, that signing party’s signature will be voided and they will be required to approve the new changes before confirming via sign off once more.

When all details are approved and both parties have signed, the show is officially booked! Congrats! (Did you get an error message saying you need to set up billing? Click here to find out how!)

You’ll receive an email from Side Door confirming show details and explaining how announce works, and then we’re off to the races! Your show’s tickets will automatically go on sale on the agreed-upon date, and if public, will be posted to Side Door’s front page at that time. Private shows will create a ticket link and go on sale automatically as well, but will not post anywhere publicly-accessible.

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