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Do I accept cash door sales from the host?
Do I accept cash door sales from the host?
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It is ultimately up to the Artist and Host to discuss how to manage cash sales at the door. We strongly encourage Hosts to buy back any sales at the door through their show’s ticket page on Side Door.
In addition to supporting the Side Door platform, this helps ensure sales can be properly reported for tax purposes and for Performance Royalties (PROs). The artist will ultimately make more money from PROs if all sales can be accounted for.

If you decide that the Host will buy back cash sales through Side Door:

If a Host has bought back cash sales through Side Door, they will keep the cash to break even, and everyone will automatically receive their split of the payout through Side Door’s payout system.

Don’t forget to take into account Side Door’s fees when setting a door price. If you set your door price the same as your advanced ticket price before fees, you’ll lose money when buying back your tickets through Side Door.
To avoid this, we recommend rounding up to an even dollar amount when selling at the door (eg. a ticket that comes to $13.76 after fees in advance can be rounded up to $15 at the door).
This gives guests an incentive to buy in advance, speeds up the check-in process if a guest purchases at the door, and ensures that the host breaks even when they buy back their tickets through Side Door.

Keep in mind: The Host and/or door person may have sold merch for you, so don’t leave without any funds related to merch sales outside of the Side Door platform.

* The ticket page link will stay open indefinitely for show creators, so hosts can buy back cash sales at the door at any time during or after the show. While the show will start to pay out after 24 hours, and will complete within 72 hours, a new payout will be scheduled if tickets are added late by hosts buying back tickets.

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