This is part of the fun! You’ll want your Space description to entice and inform potential Artists and ticket buyers by giving them a general description of your space. Usually it’s good to give an idea of the atmosphere, whether it’s a seated or a standing show (or both), what accessibility options are available/unavailable for individuals with disabilities (ramps, wheelchair accessible and/or gender neutral washrooms, etc), why hosting shows is important for you, capacity, who your audience is, etc. Feel free to list special features of your space or some favourite shows you have hosted in the past.

If you would like some examples of how other Hosts have described their Spaces, check out our show page to see exactly what your fellow Hosts (and Artists) are writing about themselves.

In addition to the Space description, please provide at least one good quality picture of the space that gives an indication of the style/vibe/character of the place. You may add multiple photos - the more the better!

You can write more specific messages to guests as part of the automatic reminder email that is sent 3 days before every show - in this you may wish to include notes about access to the space, whether they can expect to see pets and/or children, whether they can bring food, their own chair, something to drink out of, where to park, etc.

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