When you are looking at your calendar to plan a tour or one-off shows, you can broadcast your availability to hosts in target regions by using pins in the Schedule Builder. Your Artist Profile will be prioritized for visibility to hosts within that area. They will be able to view your availability when searching, AND all hosts within the radius you’ve set will receive an email alerting them of your availability. The Schedule Builder is an efficient tool for broadcasting your tour plans and availability in target regions.

First, you must create a User account and Artist Profile on the Side Door website. Make sure you add your home town to your Artist Profile! This will ensure that you’re prioritized to hosts near you, even if you haven’t added a pin through the Schedule Builder. If you have already done this - great!

1. Sign in to your account and click the icon at the top right corner. Next, select the preferred Artist Profile.

2. Click the Side Door logo at the top left corner and select “Connect” from the drop down menu. Next, click “Schedule” in the grey-shaded menu banner.

3. The Schedule Builder shows a map. Once you have pins, they will appear on the map. You can move the map by holding down the cursor, and double click on the map to zoom in. When you are ready to select a location, click the blue ‘Add a pin’ button.

4. Enter the desired location for your pin (e.g. New York, NY.) You can search by city, address, postal code, airport, etc. You can then set a radius up to 250 km to widen your search for that area. Click Next.

5. Set the Date Range - When are you planning to be in that location? You can give as little or as much time as possible. Choose a date range for your pin by clicking on the date field - a calendar will pop up for you to select the date. This range can begin and end on the same day, or can be many days if your schedule is flexible. If you are choosing one particular day, adjust both the beginning and end dates to the same day. Once you have selected the beginning and end dates, click “Save.”

6. Manage Schedule - you can come back to the Schedule at any time to edit your dates, in case anything changes with your plans. Or, if you have found a host and booked a show, you may want to come back and delete your pin. The status of each dropped pin can also be viewed in the Manage Schedule page.

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