To book a show with an Artist:

Log in to your Side Door user account, and make sure you have selected the Host/Venue or Presenter Profile that will be involved in the show. To do this, click on your profile icon at the top right of the screen to swap profiles, if needed.

There are two ways to search for Artists:


At the top left, select Browse and then Artists. This option provides an index of the entire Artist catalogue, where you can search the Artist page by keyword. Simply use the Search Bar at the top of the Artist Page.


When logged in, click Manage at the top left to open the dashboard - the Discover page can be accessed from there. Artist profiles will display on the Discover search page according to your Venue preferences - these are artists that match your chosen preference options, and may be good candidates for you to host!

To read more about an Artist, hear their music and watch live performance videos, click on View Profile.

For Artists that you’re interested in, you can either message them to start a conversation about the possibility of a show, or you can bookmark their profile for later.

When messaging an Artist, it’s helpful to tell them a little bit about your venue and what you have in mind for working together (date, type of show, etc.), or tell them what their work means to you. It is helpful for Artists to get a broader picture of who they’re talking to.

Artists will be notified of the message and/or request. You don’t need to do anything else for now. When that Artist replies, you will be notified and the conversation will appear in the Connections tab where you can further continue the conversation before you start booking.

If it looks to be a good fit, you will then be able to begin the booking process.

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