In addition to hosting shows and attending shows, you can get involved by creating a Presenter profile or sign up as a Service Provider.

A Presenter can be an organization, person or festival that works with artists to amplify the reach of the show, and collaborate on the booking and presentation of a Side Door show. Any user account can create a Presenter profile (for free) to either book a self-promoted online show or a collaborative show with an Artist profile. A Presenter is distinct from a Host/Venue since they do not necessarily have a space. A Presenter is a great partner for an online show.

Service Providers have something to offer to Artists and Hosts, and the performance arts industry as a whole. Service Providers are videographers, photographers, audio engineers, marketing and promotions specialists, merchandise vendors, hosts/moderators, lighting technicians, etc. Services can be either volunteer or paid. Maybe you’re a live music photographer trying to get your name out there, or you love to help sell the artist’s merchandise at shows because it’s such a fun way to help out. You can register your service HERE. Sign ups are private and only visible to Side Door staff (for now), and staff will use your contact information to make recommendations to artists when they approach us about finding services for upcoming Side Door shows.

Regarding hosting shows, we believe that any motivated person with a space can be a Host. Any space that can fit 20 guests or more can be a Venue, including but not limited to your private home, private business, community space, public business, and/or workplace! Perhaps you have a friend, family member, or neighbour who would be an amazing Host, in which case please tell them about us.

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