Side Door Access Inc. (Side Door) is a digital booking and ticketing platform whose mission is to support artists by providing tools and resources to facilitate performances virtually and in non-traditional performance spaces across Canada, the U.S.A., Europe, and the UK. As a website and future mobile app, this technology-based company with dedicated customer support is innovating the touring model for performing artists by promoting accessibility, agency, and removing barriers to entry. Artists, hosts, presenters, and audiences sign up for free, connect through the online community, and expand the landscape of opportunities for artists. Our vision is to democratize the live entertainment industry with an artist-first approach, globally.

Side Door is a marketplace platform matching artists with spaces to create shows anytime, anywhere. We are not just a paywall on a stream. We are a team of artists & technologists passionately building an efficient, friendly, and transparent marketplace where anybody can perform, host, or curate shows for their communities. We can help grow audiences, expand ticket sales, and deepen relationships through interactive, broadcast, hybrid or in-person shows.

We believe artists deserve more control and fewer gatekeepers. We want to support and facilitate an interesting, diverse, and daring ecosystem of expression - one which serves artists at all stages of their careers, and where anyone can find, grow, and connect with their audience.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, our dedicated team supports artists, hosts, venues, presenters, and audience members through every step of the process, from sign-up to show and beyond. The vision for the company is to promote a closer connection between people and live performance and their communities; our mission to provide Artists with a meaningful revenue stream, facilitate Hosts’ access to talent, and give audiences a memorable entertainment experience has not changed despite the many changes to the live performance industry. In short, we aim to democratize the live entertainment industry.

Our platform was built to connect artists with hosts; to put on shows anywhere, anytime. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a natural pivot to retaining that core goal and moving those shows online. But we didn’t want to just livestream. Side Door is in the business of building and supporting communities, and we wanted to preserve the interactivity, engagement, and intimacy of live shows. We leaned in to the idea that a one-time experience is an engaging, unique and valuable experience, and encouraged artists - and audiences - to come experience that with us.

We figured out how artists could put on high quality, high value, incredibly special interactive shows, and then we figured out how they could continue to earn an income from all their hard work. We turned to Zoom, integrating and optimizing for fidelity and hosting best-practices, then built an automated process to educate our users to do the same. Then we built a completely secure Zoom ticketing portal.

As of 2021, we will do the same with an online broadcast option for show creators using Vimeo. It includes our own custom show chat that is open to ticket-holders as soon as they buy a ticket.

Our settlements are built for the industry. Show creators (artists, venues, presenters) receive up to 90% of the ticket price, with PROs (performance royalties) paid out automatically. Split revenue at point of sale with each party ensures seamless and pain-free payouts. There is low overhead, high ROI, full support at every step, and revenue is paid automatically as soon as the show is over.

Side Door acts as the facilitator, connector, platform and takes a 10% commission from ticket revenue, ensuring that we work hard to make shows successful. Soon subscription accounts will be available for our most active users to gain more tools and advantages for creating and attending shows.

Because our platform is a marketplace, Side Door is able to support and strengthen the entire music industry ecosystem - from emerging artists to established performers, small venues to large, new festivals testing their reach to established mainstays of the festival calendar. As well, we have seen other sections of the performance world embrace the platform: comedy, theatre, literary readings, improv, and more. Artists of any kind can put on a show of any size - we are thrilled to welcome them all.

The move to online shows has had one distinct advantage for many communities, particularly in more remote areas. Audiences can now watch their favourite artists from the other side of the world, in the comfort of their living rooms. And with Side Door’s unique interactive shows, the experience can be just as meaningful, intimate, and personal as if they were in the front row.

With indoor capacities strictly limited, venues are struggling to make ends meet. With Side Door, artists, hosts and venues can put on in-person shows at limited capacity when restrictions begin to ease, and also sell tickets to an online stream. Side Door is supporting hybrid shows with resources and guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety, and working closely with hosts, venues and artists to navigate this new world in creative, innovative and exciting ways.

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