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How does tax work?
How does tax work?
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Tax is collected from the gross ticket sales of each Side Door show and remitted to the user, based on whether they have stated that they will claim taxes when connecting their Hyperwallet billing account.

The total tax calculated is subjective to each show - it is based on which parties are collecting tax, and the tax rate in the region that each audience member is purchasing from. All of this is reflected in the payout settlement and any fees or expenses, such as tax, will automatically be deducted from the total ticket gross.

If you need to collect tax, please be sure to provide this information in advance so the settlement can be administered accordingly.

For example, if an Artist is not collecting tax but a Host is, tax will be charged on the Host’s shares and Side Door’s shares of the ticket cost, but not on the Artist’s share. Likewise, only the portion of the tax-collecting entities, whether it be Host or Artist plus Side Door, will show in the ticket cost.

For ticket purchasers, the percentage of tax collected on their ticket will be based on their location’s tax rate.

This automated and sophisticated calculation service is what makes Side Door an easy choice for ticketing, providing professional and transparent settlement sheets for your accounting records.

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