If you’ve already created a Side Door User Account, sign in and hover over your icon at the top right hand of the screen to open the menu, select ‘New Host’.

(If you’ve never signed in to Side Door before, please go here first to get started​).

This will give you the option to sign up as a Venue (brick and mortar) or as a Presenter (no Venue).

Start filling in the information!

Note: Adding a good quality photo and social media links is a great way to get the attention of the artists you’d like to work with!

Follow the prompts to fill in your profile. Here, you can also add collaborators / admins to help you manage your profile.

If your profile is a Venue, here are some things to note:

  • The address may be your house or it may be a space that you own/manage. (Note: your complete address will only be shown to Artists when a show is booked, and Audiences who have purchased tickets. Otherwise, a general location is displayed).

  • Note: Your contact information will carry over from your user account. This also means that you will be identified as the Host of this Venue, the main point of contact for this Venue, aka the one responsible for the Venue and booking shows. This can be changed during booking.

  • The Name of your Venue - this is how your Venue will be identified in the system, publicly and on ticket links. What would you like to call your Venue? Have fun with this!

  • Brief description of the Venue - should be short and sweet, enticing and informative to Artists, and describes the atmosphere/character of the place and what makes it special for shows.

  • Upload at least one high quality image of the space, either of the performance area or the exterior - whatever you think will entice people - ideally high-resolution jpg or png.

To add another Profile to your user account, hover over your icon at the top right hand of the screen to open the menu, select ‘New Host’ or ‘New Artist’, and follow the profile creation steps again.

Note: A profile with up-to-date information and promo assets has a higher matching rate with Artists. Be sure to keep the profile updated and a reflection of your current practice. We would also recommend setting up your billing account so you can get paid for your shows - a ticketed show cannot be published until you have your Stripe account connected.

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