Side Door is a booking and ticketing tool that allows Artists and Hosts with Spaces to connect and book shows online and in-person.

The booking app is built into the Side Door website and includes a step-by-step process guiding show creators through the necessary details required to set up a show and publish a ticket page.

Shows can be public or private, intimate or wide-reaching, online or in-person, free or ticketed.

Booking steps include:

  1. Create a free Artist or Host Account.

  2. Complete all the required fields in your profile.

  3. Use the Connect tab to search, bookmark and message other users regarding bookings if you’d like to work in collaboration with another Side Door user rather than on your own.

  4. Select the type of show you would like to create.

    • Artists can book a self-promoted show, connect with a Space or Presenter to work together on a shared in-person or online booking.

    • Spaces can book a self-promoted online show, a self-promoted in-person booking, or work together with an Artist on a shared in-person or online booking.

    • Presenters can book a self-promoted online show, or connect with an Artist to work together on a shared online booking.

  5. Start a new booking on your own or in collaboration with another user to set logistical and promotional details such as show time, load-in time, equipment needs, ticket price, event description, revenue split, and more.

  6. Connect a billing account (if you are collecting a split from a ticketed show) and sign off on the show to approve the booking.

  7. The published show will automatically produce a ticket page you can share with your network!

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