Upon landing on Side Door you will see a Join button, located near the top right of the Side Door platform. When you click Join you will be presented with a dropdown menu, asking if you’d like to Perform, Host, or Watch. To create an Artist Profile you will want to select Perform. Follow the steps listed below to create a new Artist Profile.

*(If you have an existing Side Door account and would like to add another profile, simply sign-in to Side Door, hover on your account icon located in the top right of the platform, to open the menu, select ‘New Artist’, and follow the Artist Profile creation steps below)

  1. Enter the Artist Name (not your contact information) and the Performance Type
    (Music, DJ, Comedy, Dance, Film, Talk/Lecture, Theatre), add a promo image, and click Save Profile.

  2. Next you’ll be directed to your Profile Dashboard. You’ll be given the options to review our Show Planning Guide, or start booking your show right away! The Profile Dashboard also shows Your Shows, including those upcoming, being planned, or completed.

  3. From this Profile Dashboard you can also spruce up your Profile. This includes Adding Photos, Details, Media Links and Social Media Links. You can also include your Venue Requirements, if any. Simply click the Edit or Add+ buttons for each section and fill out any required fields or those you deem appropriate.

  4. Try it out by clicking Edit Photos, Details & Links to enter the first section. You can also customize the URL to your profile page, or you can leave it as is. Complete the Private Info section (information is not public) and click Save Changes to complete this first section.

  5. If you would like to invite members of your team (Manager, Booking agent, etc) to co-administer this profile, click on Edit/Add Profile Admins above your Profile Image on the right and enter their name(s) and email address(es). They will receive an email invitation inviting them to co-administer the profile.

The initial Artist profile set-up is complete! You can make changes at any time when you are logged in by clicking on Profile in the menu banner.

An Artist profile with up-to-date information and promo assets has a higher matching rate with Hosts. Be sure to keep the profile updated and a reflection of your current practice.

Next steps! We recommend setting up your billing account so you can publish ticketed shows and get paid - a ticketed show cannot be published until you have set up your billing information via Hyperwallet and attached to your Side Door Profile.

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