Artists can use Side Door to plan and ticket online shows, or connect with Spaces and Presenters for booking and ticketing in-person live performances. Start by creating a free Artist profile on Side Door by clicking the Join button in the top right corner of the Side Door website - select Perform. Follow the steps listed below to create a new Artist profile.

*If you already have a Side Door login (name and email) but would like to create an Artist profile, hover on your account icon in the top right of the platform, select ‘New Artist Profile’ from the dropdown menu, and follow steps below.

  1. Enter the Artist Name (not your contact information), the Performance Type
    (Music, DJ, Comedy, Dance, Film, Talk/Lecture, Theatre), add a promo image, and click Save Profile. Promo images are 1200x675px.

  2. On the next page you can add more photos (up to 10), Hometown/Location, Artist bio, links to online pages and media. When adding Location please select from the automated drop down menu. Click Save & Continue.

  3. Further customize your Artist profile and performance preferences so that you get matched with performance spaces and presenters you’d like to work with. Scroll down to Space Requirements and click Edit then Save Changes!

  4. To invite members of your team (Manager, Booking agent, etc) to co-administer this profile with you, click Profile Admins above your Profile Image and enter their name(s) and email address(es). They will receive an email invitation inviting them to co-administer the profile. Profile administrators can help you with bookings, communications and notifications within the platform.

You can return to this profile edit page any time to make changes - log in and click Profile in the menu banner. Click Connect to search Spaces in your region or search filters and message them to propose a show date. *A detailed Artist profile has a higher matching rate with Hosts. Be sure to keep the profile updated and reflecting your current practice.

We recommend setting up your billing account so you can publish ticketed shows and get paid - a ticketed show cannot be published until you have set up your billing information via Hyperwallet and attached to your Side Door profile.

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