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Who is responsible for selling tickets?
Who is responsible for selling tickets?
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Artists and Hosts are encouraged to work together to promote and sell tickets for the show. Generally, Hosts are the ones in the community and are responsible for selling tickets to both private and public shows. Show creators can view ticket sales in real time by selecting the show and viewing the summary of sales and revenue.

Although Side Door is not responsible for ticket sales or promotion, we always want to help! Our #1 tip is to allow lots of time for promotion, 3 months is recommended. Here are some more tips and tricks:

  • Read Promoting Your Show in our toolkits: View Artist Toolkit | View Host Toolkit.

  • Tag Side Door in all social posts and use the hashtag #bookedwithsidedoor for a chance to be featured on our channels.

  • Use affiliate links to track the source of sales. This will help determine where to invest your time and money (learn more).

  • We promote shows every week in our Sound Check newsletter. Subscribe to see if your show is featured (sign me up).

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